Monday, December 2, 2013

Why Capt. Gopinath never asks for directions today?

Shiv and I worked for the Co Curricular Activities (CCA) department for sometime together. My workstation was right opposite to Shiv and in his den where he thundered almost always on his phone. The one problem with him roaring on the phone is that the guys on the other side seldom tried to cut in.
This was a time when ISB had gone ballistic with getting high value celebrities on to campus. Everyone from M F Husain to George Bush were paying us a visit and we were becoming famous. All in the CCA were engaged in coordinating these visits under the able leadership of Shiv.
One day a Student who was coordinating to get the Chief Minister of AP - the late YSR to campus, walked into the room and handed her mobile phone to Shiv and said Capt. Gopinath on line and he wants directions to reach ISB.
Shiv as usual took the opportunity to thunder... "Where are you coming from?" apparently Captain said "Bagumpet Airport."
Shiv took his customary pause before roaring back... "Oh in that case take the left to Panjaguda junction then from there to Banjara hills, then along KBR park to Jubilee Hills Check Post from where you take a left towards Apollo Hospital but turn right before that to take the Whisper Valley route to come to the old Bombay highway and once you reach the Highway go towards Hyderabad University or Gachibowli Stadium till you reach IDBI. If you see IIIT to your left you have missed IDBI so go back and take the road to Infosys and we are right opposite to that. Actually if your driver is from Noorie (cab service) he will know."
Shiv took a breath as he had done breathless that would put the original song to shame.
There was some stony silence that followed and then want Shiv turned and said to me in nonchalant Marathi makes me laugh even today...
"Arre tichya! hyalla Helicopter sathi directions pahije!"
Translation of the last line in English:
"Shit! this guy needed air directions for his Helicopter."